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About Sahil Generators Services

In the capacity of a professional gas generator set dealing and overhauling, repairing, and GEN SET that is durable and dependable, we would introduce ourselves.   Currently, available gas generator set overhauling services for gas generator sets of any make and up to 1250 kilowatt-hours of power. Through our highly skilled service engineers, we offer a comprehensive solution to meet all of your power requirements.   We are now working in Delhi NCR, Noida, Ghaziabad, and Gurugram. We have been working in the field of gas generator sets for the past fifteen years. Our goal is to fulfill the need for gas generator set maintenance, which is a requirement that establishes a new standard of customer service. Our commitment is to provide an uninterrupted supply of power while maintaining a trustworthy connection.

The Promise of High-Quality Deliverability

Sahil Generator Services is more than just a company; it is a value system that has helped us not only survive but thrive in the industry because of our unrivaled service standards and commitment to High Standard Deliverability, which ensures that every piece of equipment that reaches you (whether a spare part or a Generator on Rent) is fully operational and running smoothly under the supervision of our highly qualified and trained service engineers.

Customer Trust and 24-Hour Support Availability

Through 16 years of consistent and ever-changing growth at Sahil Generator Services, we have not only won multiple awards that certify our authenticity in the domain of Generators Power Service Providers, but we have also earned the trust of thousands of customers that we have served with our product and service models.

Basic Precautions to be taken care of with Gen Sets:

  • Always check the mobile oil level in the engine, and if you discover that it is lower than the recommendation, then add extra oil to the engine. This is a precaution for the generator set.
  • In addition to adding coolant of the recommended grade, the engine radiator should always be filled with clean water.
  • Always use clean gas to fill the fuel tank, and be sure to utilize clothes while you are pumping gas into the tank. The total amount of gas in the tank must not exceed the mark.

After every 250 to 350 hours of jogging, precautions should be taken.

  • It is important to change the air filter, gas filter, mobile filter, and engine oil.
  • Refresh oil should be used to check and maintain the level of the fuel pump.
  • Fasten all of the exterior spare parts securely.
An A.M.C. and a soundproof canopy Service, sales, and the acquisition of an older generator Generators are available for hire and maintenance, with a range of 15 kilowatts to 1250 kilowatts, and 24-hour service.

Please Note:

  1. You should always use original and branded replacement components.
  2. Always use the engine oil that is suggested.
  3. If the generator set is not being used to its full capacity, use an automatic battery charger. 
  4. Inspect the battery charger once every 15 days and apply Vaseline to the battery connections.
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